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What to Expect From Your Cleaning Service

When looking for a company that offers house cleaning in Phoenix AZ remember that having a company come into your home and clean is far different from when you clean on your own. For this reason, it is important that you know what to expect and how you can be prepared to help the cleaning team move quickly and easily throughout your home. Inviting people in does not have to be a difficult task, and being prepared goes a long way in making sure a cleaning service can do what they need and leave as quickly as possible. These tips will help you know what to expect when our Phoenix house cleaning team arrives and what you can do to make the service go smoothly.

The Pet Policy

Many services have a pet policy that tells you what you should do with your animals before the cleaners arrive. Make sure you are following protocol and that your pet is contained if that is part of your agreement. If there is no specified agreement be prepared to try and keep your pet away from the cleaning team as they work. Pets can get underfoot and also dirty areas that have just been cleaned. If your pet is not contained, just do your best to be respectful of those cleaning.

Peace of Mind

Although no one enjoys leaving their home unattended, a cleaning service is the perfect time for you to get out of the house for an appointment, grocery shopping, or simply taking your kids out for the day. Not only does it give you an excuse to get out, but it helps the cleaning team, as they can stay focused and on task all day. You should expect to have peace of mind when you leave that everything will be taken care of properly and that they will not do anything to harm your home. You can also have peace of mind that you will come home and everything will be clean and you can continue on with life as normal. This is one of the many perks of having a cleaning team come in if you have an extremely busy schedule.


Above all other tips on this list, you should expect to be able to trust those that are coming into your house to clean. If you find that items have gone missing or that you simply find it hard to be comfortable around one of the cleaners, you can always call the phoenix office to request a change. After all, you are the customer and you should be able to feel comfortable with those coming into your home. Choosing a reliable and reputable company, however, can help cut down on these possible feelings of uneasiness.

Professional Work

If you are hiring a professional company, you are going to want professional work. You should expect that they will do the best work they possibly can and that you will be happy with it. Once the team leaves you can feel free to walk around your home and make sure that everything was done to the standards you expect. If for some reason you are not satisfied, Maid Complete will find a way to make it right with you.

Fast, Quality Work

A cleaning service is not at your home to talk or socialize in any way. You should expect your team to be nice, say hi, but then immediately get to work. Expect that they may come to you with questions about how you would like something done, but do not expect to really socialize with them. They are there to provide you a service. And, although they will most likely be friendly and talk a little bit, they will be trying to complete their job to the best of their ability.

The Number One Choice is Maid Complete

As a cleaning service in Phoenix, we at Maid Complete, know that you have a busy life. We don't want you to be confused about what you should expect. When you hire our recurring services, you know that our team will come to your home, start right away, and provide a professional clean that is up to your stringent standards every single time. And, if you are confused or don't understand something that is being done, the team will be more than happy to explain it to you.

Knowing what will happen when a cleaning service comes to your home should not be confusing. Always expect dependability, professionalism, and a spotless home.

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